The PPR Team

Kirstin and Cameron – The Pudgy Princess and Prince Svelte. You can see more about me in the “About Me” section, and more about Cam (the great love of my life and I cannot possibly say enough about how much he encourages, supports and is proud of me!) in many of my blog posts.

This is a pre run photo from October 2015.

And here is Cam and I on one of our first dates in 2009.


James – My Jedi Master / Trainer / Motivator / Friend / Sometimes Satan’s Minion /  Woudn’t be here without him / Generally Awesome Dude. You will read a lot about him in the blog as he pushes, encourages and runs with me towards my goals.

Jess – Princess America – One of my best and oldest friends who originally challenged me to the Disney Princess Half Marathon and therefore the original motivator. The only American on the team, we go way back to my summer working in the equestrian program at Sandy Hill Camp in Maryland in 2003. I love her to the ends of the earth.

Alison and Quinn – Princess Earhandles and Prince Handlebar – workout buddies / co-workers / hilarous people / great friends who are training with me, motivating and encouraging me, and coming to Disney with us in 2017 along with their son, Memnon the Destroyer.

Jenna and Jon – Princess Sweatsalot and Prince Fuzz – amazing people / running friends / co-workers / great friends who despite the miles between us are two of our most favourite people to spend time with and I am proud to be their friend. They are also coming to Disney with us in 2017 for running (and drinking around the world at Epcot).

Andy and Heather – Princess KarateNinja and Prince BumKnee – Our Canadian transplants to South Carolina who head up the PPR cheering section. They support and encourage me to no end and I love, love, love them. I’m writing this on their deck in SC and having a generally amazing time at their place. They will be present at Disney in 2017 to continue cheering me on. When I got to SC they had this amazing mug waiting for me with love.

The King and Queen  – My parenal people who are cheering me on from many kilometers away in my homeland of the lower mainland of British Columbia. They watch the blog like hawks and never fail to send me their love and support after each victory (or defeat). They will be in the cheering section in Florida 2017.

Gillian – Princess Ironman – An ultramarathoner, ironman and all around super crazy inspiration. Gillian is a workout buddy who is determined to get me into triathalon and I’m thinking about going along for the ride. I plan to start swimming with her soon and follow her wherever she’ll take me because the things she has already achieved tell me that wherever she’s heading is a good place to go.

Grady – Prince Hupp – The brother – My little bro has inspired me amazingly with an epic weight loss of his own through healthy eating and exercise and while I’ve yet to get a firm Disney commitment from him I hope that he’ll come with me for the big 13.1 mile victory lap.

I hope that I’ll be adding more people to the PPR Team over the next year and a bit. The support of each and every one of you means so much to me; more than I can say. I literally would not be still doing this without all of your support, pep talks, tears, sweat parties and love. Thank you, thank you, thank you all!


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